Henry Jager
Head of Jury

Henry Jager is a passionate underwater, nature and experimental photographer with an incredible sense for an unexpecred view on the subjects.
His pictures are appreciated around the Globe and have been exhibited nationally and internationally.
National Geographic and many others have awarded Henry’s pictures. Henry publishes in travel and dive magazines as well as on scuba diving related webpages and blogs. He wites tutorials, critics about travel destinations, photo courses and about special photo techniques.
“My passion is to picture this fantastic underwater world as well as the topside life and amaze the people with the beauty of nature. Only what you know and love, you are willing to protect”.

Roland Bach
Jury Member

Roland Bach is a german CMAS 3Star instructor who owns a Dive Club “Marina Divers” on the spanish island Menorca (Balearics).
A diver since 1988 with over 10.000 dives, started with serious underwater photography in 2008. From that time on he has been placed in many national and international competitiond. Roland is in love with the landscape (caverns and caves) of the Mediterranean sea. But his special interest is with jellyfish and ctenophores. While everybody else gets out of the sea because of too many jellyfish, Roland is getting ready for an underwater shooting session with his favourite subjects. Especially his “Jelly Art” shots are worldwide published.

Beth Barklage Watson
Jury Member

Beth’s love for photography began years ago when she received her first gigiral camera. The concept of capturing, editing and printing an image intrigued her. It was not until she learned to dive and took a camera underwater that her true passion was born. The underwater world is fascinating to her and she enjoys the challenge of photographing wide-angle reefs and wrecks but also has a deep adoration for the tiniest creatures in the sea. Her goal is to capture images that are unique, creative
and thought provoking, hoping to raise awareness to the importance of conserving and preserving the health and vitality of our ocean environment.

Fabio Iardino
Jury member

Fabio Iardino was born in Udine (Italy) in 1971. Starts to approach to diving in 1983 and in 1992 obtained the first CMAS underwater certificate. Over the years he became CMAS instructor and underwater TRIMIX instructor. He has always been passionate about photography. He partecipated writing “Underwater digital photography” and “Trimix Manual 62”. In 2009 writes “The two faces of a pearl of Adriatic” dedicated to the Dalmatian island of Vis. From 1993 to present, he dived and photographed all around the world. Since 2006 he partecipates in contests and competitions of underwater photography. On September 2015 he won the Italian
Championship of UW Photography on Team Competition.

Davide Lopresti
Jury Member

Davide Lopresti was born in 1980 in Fezzano, a small town near Portovenere (La Spezia) and it will be the proximity to the sea and to the water that will mark also in the
sports of youth practicing swimming and water polo for many years. The first dive certificate arrives in 2007 collecting dives in quick succession, and in 2009 began his
career as an underwater photographer estabilishing itself in the early years in the most important national and international competitions with images of great effect and published in major magazines and underwater naturalistic. Davide currently shooting with Nikon D600 in Nimar housing and Inon stobes. Its favorites lenses are the Sigma 15mm fisheye and his inseparable Nikon 105 mm VR Micro.

Ivana Orlovic
Jury member

Since ten years, Ivana has been dedicated to underwater photography. Everything started with disposable underwater camera, followed by compact cameras in underwater housings and finally, now in recent years, with DSLRs. Today Ivana is using Nikon D7000 in Subal housing. Her specialities are underwater selfies with inhabitants of underwater world and her great split images. Her commitment and exceptional quality were recognized by American Underwater Products Company wich promote Ivana as their Oceanic Worldwide Ambassador since January 2015. “After all these years that I spent under the surface, I can’t imagine my dive without a camera. I think that underwater photography is the most powerful way to promote this amazing world to common people, non-divers. I am certain that after they see my photographs that they will be more eager to come with us in our new adventures that lay beneath the surface of the water”.